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Modular Inplant Offices, Wall Systems & Buildings

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Modular Inplant Offices, Wall Systems, & Buildings

Pre-engineered Offices, Portable Buildings and Wall Systems can be your solution for providing a quick & flexible enclosed space for any application your facility may require. These systems can be installed in a matter of hours or days as compared to stick-built construction that can take up to weeks or months to complete.

Some common examples:

  • Shipping Offices
  • Parts storage
  • Lunchrooms
  • Paint Booths
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Equipment enclosures
  • Supervisors offices
  • Computer rooms
  • Guard houses
Single & multiple level systems available with load bearing or non-load bearing ceilings. This non-progressive wall system allows for easy reconfiguration as your needs change. All wall systems are available as four-wall stand-alone units, single wall, and three-wall configurations to attach to existing walls in your facility. Sound, thermal & fire rated panel options are available with various choices of colors, textures, and surfaces.

Please contact us for a quote on your particular requirements.

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