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Automotive Dealership page1From adding a few bins to a totally new facility – Borroughs sets the industry standard for automotive parts storage and handling. Because your Borroughs Distributor is so familiar with the automotive business and handles such a broad line of equipment, he or she can help you plan a system that will meet both today’s requirements and tomorrow’s growth. Your Borroughs Distributor can provide everything from small parts bins, wheel racks, and modular drawers, to a broad range of units for storing sheet metal, including multi-level systems. He or she can also provide complete survey service and expert layout and design, as well as experienced turnkey installation. Your distributor will help you achieve a Parts Department that maximizes expensive space and contributes to the efficiency of the entire dealership. Let Borroughs help you in making a parts department that will operate at peak efficiency now… and for years to come.

Make Your Parts Department More Profitable

Your Parts Department should operate as a profit center. To determine its profit potential, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you turning away customers because a part or accessory is not in stock or cannot be located?
  • Are your technicians waiting at the counter for needed parts instead of finishing a repair?
  • Is your CSI (Customer Service Index) not meeting the industry standard?
  • Is excessive capital tied up in obsolete or slow-moving inventory?
  • Do Parts personnel spend more time hunting for parts than servicing customers?
  • Are new model introduction parts difficult to absorb into your Parts Department?
  • Does your Parts Department show inconsistent inventory turns?
  • Does your Parts Department produce unsatisfactory payback or ROI (return-on-investment)?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to consider modernization. Even if your Parts Department is now operating satisfactorily, you may want to improve its efficiency and/or profitability. In either case, it’s time to call your Borroughs Distributor.


Borroughs rugged and flexible Flexi-Bins organize your small parts inventory. Designed for dealership Parts Departments, Flexi-Bins slide-in shelves and sliding dividers adjust easily to match changing inventories. This allows parts to remain in proper sequence. Parts can be quickly identified and retrieved. Inventory control is increased and Parts personnel are more efficient.


Box Edge PlusBox Edge Plus® 

Strong and durable Borroughs Box Edge Plus shelving is ideal for storing large, heavy or bulky parts. It is a new generation of cost effective and versatile shelving.

Perforated End Panels for Box Edge Plus Clip-Type Shelving

Borroughs perforated end panels are a quick and inexpensive way to add storage capacity at row ends and along unused wall space. Visible storage is ideal for fast moving or impulse purchase items. Perforated panel storage hooks are easily reconfigured to meet changing needs.


Rivet-Span Automotive Shelving storage Systems offer areas for storing large items -such as sheet metal or tires. They are strong, versatile, easy to assemble and economical. Specialty racks are available for storing Bumpers, Fenders, Doors & Hoods. Hanging parts racks utilize sliding J-Hooks in a track system for flexible storage of Mufflers, Moldings, Mats, and other hard-to-store items.

Rivet Span 1

Rivet Span 2

Long Parts and Mouldings PicLong Parts & Moldings 

Borroughs has several solutions to store and protect long parts and fragile moldings. Included are vertical bins for awkward parts and short moldings, horizontal racks for longer moldings and for the usually troublesome wheel house moldings and combination units. All units keep long parts and expensive moldings neatly organized while protecting them against potential damage.

HD Drawers & Cabinets

Borroughs’ drawers offer easy and efficient access for your parts department. They can modernize and significantly improve storage space efficiency of new or existing Borroughs shelving units. HD Drawers combine the flexibility of shelving with the high density storage advantages of drawers. Borroughs also offers the most complete line of Modular Drawer Cabinets in the industry.

HD Drawers and Cabs pic 1JPG

HD Drawers and Cabs pic 2JPG

Service Department Equipment

Service Department Equipment Pic 1Borroughs offers a complete line of Work Centers, Service Carts and Specialty Work Benches including:

  • Borroughs Automotive Workstations
  • Shipping/Receiving Benches
  • Parts/Service Carts
  • Tear Down Benches
  • Wall Mounted Cabinets & Shelves
  • Closed Leg Work Benches
  • Service Writer Desks
  • Taper Leg Benches
  • Quick-lane Counter Unit

SDE Pic 1

SDE Pic 2

SDE Pic 3

Service Bay Pic 1

Service Bay Pic 3

Service Bay Pic 2

Service Bay Pic 4

Office Equipment

Borroughs is more than automotive parts storage…

Not only is Borroughs the standard for automotive parts storage, but also we are experts at providing storage and filing systems for other areas of your dealership. Our products are also used in factories, warehouses, offices, libraries, government agencies, legal and professional facilities and a wide variety of other industries. Here is a sampling of some of our other products and applications:

Record Master® Open Shelf Filing

Record Master PicFunctional, strong and attractive, Record Master four-post shelving is available in several sizes and styles. Store file folders, binders, service manuals and everything in between. Open shelf filing allows items to be clearly visible and easily accessed.


Aisle Saver PicFiling Aisle-Saver systems from Borroughs can double filing density in an existing area or reduce required floor space by up to 50%. The shelving is mounted on a moveable carriage, which rides on a sturdy rail system. Carriage movement occurs manually, electronically or by mechanical assistance. Ideal for storing dealership sales or accounting records. Systems

Rivet-Span® Archival Records Storage

RS Archival Record Storage PicOrganize your inactive records with a Rivet-Span storage unit, specifically designed to store standard archive boxes. Economical and designed for easy retrieval, Rivet-Span archive units come in several sizes. Assembles quickly without nuts, bolts, clips or cross braces.

Box Edge Plus® Shelving

Borroughs steel shelving units are available in open, closed, cabinet types or fitted with HD drawers. Typical applications include backroom storage, maintenance departments, paint shops and other areas. Box Edge Plus shelving units are strong, easy to assemble and provide flexibility for changing requirements.

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