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Unex Carton Flow rack_page4_image1Deluxe Systems represents Unex, the leader & most innovative company in the Carton Flow rack industry today.

Span Track

Developed by UNEX, Span-Track is the industry’s original carton flow track. Span-Track will help you step up
productivity on the pick line, maximize space, and create a safer working environment for your people.

Span-Track is an innovative carton flow solution that drops into your existing structures to create a robust flow system
for your operation. Unex full-width roller lanes and universal wheel beds are engineered-to- order to create the
ultimate order picking environment for your operation.

Can be added to any new or existing pallet rack. Low profile installs between beams for full use of vertical
space. Fits any pallet rack- available in “to the inch” cut lengths. Drop-in design is easy to add to existing rack
or re-slot without tools.

Flow Cell

Create durable, flexible, modular and portable storage with Flow Cell.

One of the most effective ways to accelerate productivity, improve ergonomics, eliminate waste and
maximize your space is to implement Flow Cell workstations from UNEX. Flow Cell helps you apply Lean
principles and gives you the opportunity to create modular, dynamic storage units designed specifically for your
unique operation. Flow Cell units are proven to:

  • Increase space utilization by up to 50% – inventory is organized and stored properly
  • Boost production efficiency up to 30% – parts angle toward the picker, making picking easy and fast
  • Minimize reaching and improve ergonomics by reducing injury and fatigue
  • Create reconfigurable, flexible storage to accommodate line and process changes
  • Ensure FIFO inventory rotation – replenishment from back does not interfere with process
  • Keep the factory floor organized – totes and boxes are stored in return lanes rather than on the floor


UNEX Flow Cell units are up to 13 times stronger than 28mm tube-based products and will support up to
1,000 lbs per level. Flow Cells are:

  • Durable – heavy gauge steel construction and a 7-year warranty
  • Modular – easy assembly saves you hours compared to pipe structures
  • Adjustable – levels are adjustable on 1”centers
  • Efficient – 1.75” tall beam with 1” adjustability allows for maximum product density
  • Attractive – powder coat paint for components

Shelf Track

Never replace a plastic wheel rail again. Unex ShelfTrack drop-in system will save your operation time, money and a whole lot of aggravation.

ShelfTrack from UNEX replaces unreliable plastic wheel rails with a durable carton flow system that drops
easily into your existing racks and shelves.

It doesn’t get any easier than this.

  • No more hang-ups
  • Low maintenance or replacement costs
  • Unrivaled flow
  • Steel channel and axles
  • Durable, high capacity options
  • 7-year warranty

ShelfTrack is an excellent replacement solution when you need to upgrade an existing system. It is designed
to work with any shelf and accessories. The drop-in design delivers an efficient and accessible pick point for

Roller Rack

Unex pre-engineered gravity rack and track structures are ready to roll.

UNEX engineers design gravity rack systems that optimize efficiency, safety and FIFO rotation on the pick
line. Our Roller Rack structures are pre-configured and ready when you need them. Roller Racks from UNEX
are proven to:

  • Maximize pick efficiency – Available knuckle track positions improve access and visibility and reduce strain on workers.
  • Increase pick rates and space – Roller Racks are proven to speed pick rates and free up significant space for additional SKUs.
  • Ensure FIFO rotation – Inventory is replenished from the back without interrupting the pick line in front.
  • Reduce travel time – SKU  storage is up to 7 times denser per bay than pallet rack storage, which translates into up to 80% less travel time for pickers.
  • Reduce costs – Roller Rack structures require less steel than pallet racks, which saves your operation money and improves ROI. Plus, the quick-to-build, knock-down design reduces freight costs and damage.

Roller Rack Structures

UNEX offers Roller Rack structures that are easy to assemble and designed to meet your operation’s
unique needs. All of UNEX’s carton flow products are engineered to attach easily to Roller Rack units.
Roller Rack is an ideal gravity rack for distribution, manufacturing and retail operations where carton flow
is required and there is no need to store pallets above the rack.

Pick Shelves

Are the pick points at your operation clearly visible and accessible? Adjustable? Organized? Unex Pickologists can help you eliminate the dead zone.

Pick shelves will accelerate pick rates and improve worker comfort. UNEX offers angled pick shelves that
eliminate  the dead zone. Our innovative products help you integrate slow movers into the pick line to save
space and improve efficiency. Our products work in a variety of settings:

  • On workstations, such as Flow Cell from UNEX, giving pickers the most precise and efficient pick possible
  • In racks, where adjustable shelves and pick trays provide the most durable, flexible and accessible pick points for workers

It’s time to pick with precision. UNEX pick shelves offer portable and rack solutions, all designed to deliver
the highest value for your operation.

Please contact us and we will have a sales person contact you to determine your needs.

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