Deluxe Systems can help you design a conveyor system quickly, and at an affordable price. We offer a
complete selection of Gravity Conveyor and related components. We also design and install Powered
Roller, Belt, and Incline Conveyors. Please contact us when you need assistance in designing the system
that works for you.

Gravity Conveyor

Skatewheel Conveyors:

  • Aluminum frames, or Steel Frames
  • Nylon or Steel Wheels
Top Left12″, 15″, 18″, & 24″ Widths
Top Middle30, 45 & 90 Curves & Spurs
Top Right
Tripod Supports for temporary lines
2nd Row Left
12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″ Widths
2nd row Right
 H-type permanent floor supports

Choose from Permanent or Temporary Conveyor Supports. If your conveyor needs to be truly mobile, choose supports with casters. Casters are Total Locking with swivel and wheel lock mechanism.

Mobile Stand

Mobile Stand

Row 3 Middle

Adjustable Height Guard Rail

Row 3 Right

Fixed Angle Guard Rail

Bottom Left

Spring Assisted Gate

Bottom Right

Gates allow personnel or equipment to pass through your conveyor line.

Accordian Expandable Conveyors

The perfect conveyor solution when space is limited, and conveyor is needed occasionally. Expandable Conveyors expand to (4) times their length. Sections bend in either direction around a 21″ radius. Conveyors roll smoothly on 5″ x 1-1/2″ rubber swivel casters with foot locks. 28-44″ Adjustable height.

Power Conveyors


Powered Roller Conveyor

Deluxe Systems works with  TGW Systems/Ermanco when specifying a Powered Roller Conveyor system. Please
contact us when you need assistance with a conveyor system. We will work with factory engineers and you to
design a system that works for you, at an affordable price.

XR40 Minimum pressure, Line-Shaft-Driven, live roller  conveyor is quiet, efficient, economical to install and maintain. Product can be accumulated along the conveyor with independently driven rollers. The rollers are
driven by elastometric belts that pull drive spools against the line shaft, thus allowing slippage that allows for accumulation without damage to items being conveyed, or to the conveyor.

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Max. Product Wt.  50#/ft. or 75#/product
Min. Product Length    9”
Std. Widths13”, 16”, 22”,28”, 34”, 40” between frames
Drivesup to 2

Conveyor Pg2 Pic2

Model RBI Floor-to-FIoor Incline Belt Conveyors
Equipped with an adjustable nose-over at the
discharge end to ensure a smooth transfer from
the incline to the horizontal plane.

Model RB Horizontal Belt Conveyors (Roller Bed)
Product designed to move heavier loads. Roller
bed design reduces belt friction and provides
greater capacity. Applications include assembly,
inspection, and packing operations.

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Contact us to have a representative contact you. Our representatives will work with your people and factory engineers to design a system that best fits your needs.

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