A Structural Steel Mezzanine will quickly add valuable floor space to your facility. Whether you need more
space for manufacturing, storage, or whatever, a mezzanine is the best choice– at far less of a cost when
compared to new construction or moving. Whether you require a little or a lot more floor space, Deluxe
Systems  and our team will work with you to design a system that meets your exact needs. We can help
design the mezzanine solution to fit your application, your timing, and your budget,

Contact us to have a sales representative start working on your mezzanine quote.

Standard size configurations, custom designs, and wide-span
designs are available. A mezzanine should be designed to suit your space & needs.

Staircase Options:
Straight Stair
L-Shaped Stair
U-Shaped Stair
Internal & External Stairs
With or without landings
Intermediate landings

Handrail/Gate Options:
2-Rail Handrail
3-Rail Handrail
Wire Mesh Handrail
Lift-out Gates- 4’w,5’w
Sliding Gates- 5′-12’w
Single Swing Gates
Double Swing Gates
Safety Pivot Gates
Pallet drop zones

Mezzanine in a sports apparel distribution center

Custom color mezzanine with steel bar grating deck in an auto dealership parts department

Various Deck Materials
available depending on
mezzanine use:

  • Resindek, finished & unfinished
  • Steel Bar Grating
  • Plywood-Std. & FRP
  • Steel Plate, etc.

Decks can be designed to support foot traffic and pallet jack live loads from 1250 to 8000#.

Column Spacing depends
on your specific needs.
We can quote the most
economical column
spacing, or put columns
only where you want them.

Please contact us to have
our sales team work with
you to design & quote your mezzanine


Some Mezzanine Decking Options

Stairs over 12’h will have
intermediate landings

Staircase Options 1

Double Swing Gates

Double Swing gates

Staircase Options

Staircase Options 2


Safety Pivot Gates

Create safe & secure loading zones on your mezzanine with these safety pivot gates. While one side of the gate is open, the other side remains closed, thus preventing accidents.

Sliding Gates

Sliding Gate2

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