Pushback Rack

Deluxe Systems represents 3D Storage Systems for Pushback rack. Pushback racking is a pallet storage method that allows pallets to be stored from 2 to 6 deep on either side of an aisle, thereby giving you higher storage density than other forms of racking. A pushback rack system can double or triple your storage when compared to standard pallet rack or double deep racking systems.

Pushback rack products are installed in a wide variety of industry types including food distribution, manufacturing, third party logistic facilities, automotive, and pharmaceuticals. Almost any warehouse that is looking to increase their storage capacity is a potential candidate for a pushback rack. Pushback systems are fully operational in freezers or coolers and no special forklifts are required.

A pushback system contains a pair of inclined rails and a series of nesting carts which ride on these rails. As an example, a 4 deep lane will have 3 nested carts. The first pallet is loaded on the top cart by a forklift. When the operator comes in with the second pallet, he pushes the first pallet back and rests the second pallet on the middle cart. Similarly, the 3rd pallet pushes back the first 2 and rests on the bottom cart. The  operator loads the last pallet by pushing back the first 3 and placing the load on the pair of rails.

When unloading the pushback rack, the sequence is reversed. Because the rails are inclined toward the aisle, when the operator picks up the pallet resting on the rails and backs out, the 3 remaining pallets will follow to the front of the lane. He can then remove each pallet in succession, until the lane is empty.

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