Vertical lifts, Mezzanine Lifts, Modular Lifts

  • Vertical lifts (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors) provide a solution for moving products/material between floors or from one elevation to another.
  • Pallets, Carts, boxes, etc. can safely be moved between levels.
  • Vertical lifts are for transporting material only, and riders are not permitted.
  • They are less costly and easier to maintain than elevators, and are commonly used for moving material from floor level to a mezzanine level or to multiple levels.
  • Deluxe Systems represents Wildeck, a high quality manufacturer of Vertical lifts (VRC) And Mezzanine systems.
    Please visit for applications and detailed information on all VRC products.
  • Drawing of typical mechanical unit

Please contact us to help you design a unit that satisfies your lifting requirements.

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