Wire Partitions

Wire Partitions are designed as modular sections that are easily installed by one person using common hand tools. Wire partitions are interchangeable & may be removed or relocated for changing or expanding an installation. Wire partition offers an affordable security solution that is ideal for securing open areas, valuable inventory, and creating secure stockrooms, etc.

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Standard heights : 7′,8′,9′ and 10′

Standard panel widths : 1′ ,2′ ,3′ ,4′ , & 5′

Various door choices:
Single hinge Doors- 3 & 4’w x 7’h
Double-hinged doors
Hinged Dutch doors- 3 & 4’w x 7’h
Double & Single Slide doors
Drop Shelf Service Windows


Service Window options:

Drop-Shelf Service Window
Slide-up Service Window
Side-Hinged Service Window

Pre-configured rooms:

(2) sides with or without ceiling
(3) sides with or without ceiling
(4) sides with or without ceiling

Double Hinge Doors with 2 posts Right Center Top

Double-hinge doors w/2 posts

Double Slide D oors full height with 4 gate posts Right Center Middle

Double-slide doors full height w/4 gate posts

Single Slide Doors with 3 gate posts Right Center Bottom



Installations requiring heights over 12 feet, and up to 30 feet, may be assembled by stacking stock partitions end-to-end. 2″w flat bar stiffeners are installed between the partitions to join them together from floor to ceiling. A 2″ x 6″ pad is welded to toe stiffener for lagging to floor. Bracing against ceiling joists, columns, etc. is required.

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